This strip is based on two things your mom warned you to stay away from: politics and religion.

Sometimes, though, it’s just a look at life in (hopefully) a humorous way.

What happens when an atheist, progressive-liberal , his wife and son, live in the same house with a conservative dog, and conservative, Christian father-in-law? Published weekly, on Tuesday. Depending on response,  may change to a more frequent schedule. If you like the site, leave a comment and let us know. Also, tell someone else, and buy from our sponsors when you can. If you hate the site, tell at least ten people.

Opposing views are always welcome—— if in good taste—– (no profanity or use of God’s name in vain).

“Parrots can be taught to cuss, but not many of them can carry on an intelligent conversation.”   Wild Morty Belvisclede

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